An Aussie cup'a brew is here to seamlessly integrate into any morning routine, and help you feel prepared for the day's tasks ahead.

Role: UI/UX Designer

Duration: 2 weeks

Partner (in crime): Liam Madigan


For this two week sprint, Liam Madigan and I decided to work together to explore the potential benefits of emerging Apple TV technology. In order to reach the largest possible audience, we decided to focus on something relevant to almost everyone: a morning routine. 


The Tech

Our research began by trying to understand the ins and outs of the Apple TV. Because they are comprised of focus-based interactions, we had to switch our thinking from mobile tapping to linear navigations and expandable content.

The Remote

Apple TV remotes consist of tapping and swiping, so we had to consider other elements like double taping, or long holding for more freedom with interactions.

After reading the Human Interface Guidelines (Apple HIG) we discovered that the menu button also functions as a back button. This meant there was no need to incorporate one into our designs.


"10 foot interface"

Most users view their TV's from a distance of about 10 feet. This means elements like type size and color contrast ratios are especially important for visual accessibility of the screen. 

(Diagram courtesy of Liam)


To further understand what a "typical" morning routine looks like, we conducted a survey of about 41 people. We asked questions like "How long does your morning routine take?" and "What type of information do you find most helpful when starting your day?" 


Said they have some sort of morning routine. For the purposes of the survey, we considered a routine to be the activities an individual may do from the time they wake up, to the time they leave for the day.


Said their morning routine takes under 45 minutes. This meant in order for our application to seamlessly integrate, it had to be brief and efficient.

The Rush

We discovered most individuals have helpful information they like to digest in the morning, but with a busy routine this can sometimes get lost, leaving them feeling behind and unprepared for their day. Our aim was to create a personalized morning summary that the user can quickly skim in just a few minutes - or the time it takes to brew a cup-a-joe!   


Meet Joey

Let's face it - most people aren't morning enthusiasts. We shifted our approach to be a companion-guided experience in hopes of starting the user's day off on a friendly and enjoyable note. Joey, an aussie cup-a-brew, is here to help you get the information you need in the time it takes to brew a cup of coffee.


Morning Summary

Our final solution explored a personal and customizable morning summary. We understand every morning routine is different, so the user would have the option to customize their morning summary content during on-boarding.  

Card Based Content

Cards preview the relevant information and allow for a quick summary that the user can click through. Clicking on the cards would expand them to give more details they may wish to see.  

Conversational Tips

The tips offer brief summaries of the information on the main cards, as well as previews of the content that would be available if the user chooses to expand them. The conversational tone enhances the encouraging morning goal.


Joe To-Go

S**t happens sometimes, so we wanted to consider those mornings where our users may be running a little extra behind. Luckily, Apple TV integrates seamlessly with existing Apple products, so we included a feature that sends your morning summary to your phone. 


Take Aways

This project challenged us to consider alternative modes of interaction, and brevity of content. It was a great exploration of designing for new technology, while also considering how to make this something a user would enjoy interacting with. 

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